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Our Town Selfie is a new media homage to Our Town by Thorntorn Wilder. Actors submits performances through a networked computer. Every scene submitted produces a new version of the play. Our Town Selfie represents a new intersection of performance, technology and theater, with great potential as a platform for other productions, propelling theater beyond the constraints of the physical world.


Cellphonia explores the social, technological, and creative possibilities of cell phones to encourage new applications for cultural growth. A karaoke cell phone engine, Cellphonia's sonic landscapes have been heard at 12 venues including ZeroOne Festival, NIME, E.A.T. Revisited at Stevens Institute, Deep Wireless Festival in Toronto, New York Electronic Arts Festival and Wave Farm. Our Town Selfie is a video iteration of Cellphonia's collaborative algorithms for performance.

Harvestworks is the presenting organization for both Cellphonia and Our Town Selfie. The National Endowment for the Arts supported the underlying technology for Our Town Selfie.

Where OTS has been and where OTS is going 

Our Town Selfie premiered at Creative Tech Week NYC and is now running at "Artworks and Experiences" on Governor's Island until July 25 where 100s have given their performances. This installation version is suitable for museums, and a prototype for the mobile version is scheduled to be released this fall. Contact Svoboda/Bull Productions for an installation or to support the mobile production effort.

Steve Bull outside Selfie Booth at NYC Creative Tech Week

Svoboda/Bull Productions
56 Ludlow Street
2nd Floor
New York NY 10002

Email: svoboda@el.net
Phone: +1 917-912-4132