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Cellphonia: WET is a cellphone interactive sound/video installation. Visitors will experience a 6-minute 5-song looping vocals of naiads lamenting the loss of the world's fresh water with projected video accompaniment.
  • Cellphonia: WET will re-use technology and deployment methods from the premiere of Cellphonia: San Jose, a karaoke cellphone opera, at the ISEA Zero One, August 2006 receiving a favorable review in the New York Times.
    - Cellphonia: WET will rescue portions of the libretto from WET, an opera, that premiered at the Disney REDCAT theatre in 2005 with favorable reviews in the Los Angeles Times.
    - Cellphonia: WET will use video footage prepared during a Rockefeller Bellagio retreat.
    - Cellphonia was awarded grants from NYSCA (2005) and the Experimental Televsion Center (2006).
Installation Description
  1. One audio capable computer connected to internet to stream audio from Cellphonia web site.
  2. Public address system with loud speaker volume level set to be heard by several visitors.
  3. One video projector and screen or large video monitor to display water video from a DVD player.
  4. A poster to inform visitors to call Cellphonia telephone number and add their own voices to the installation vocals.
  5. Installation should be located so a visitor can use his cellphone to easily make a phone call.

Listen to the everchaning Opera souund track on your favorite audio player by clicking on this playlist