Make Your Own Piece from the Village of your Peers, who have called

Anyone anywhere in the world with a touch tone phone can participate, NOW!
(actually anytime before, after and during NOW)

CALL +1 (972) 200-9122

Listen carefully to the instructions and don’t say words, but exercise one of the 4 options:
Do not hang up and after you stop vocalizing or 6 secs (which ever comes first), you will hear your contribution and the three previous contributions, then yours again.

If you go to CELLPHONIA LEO50 now ///

You will be taken to the front end of the most current and actively running cellphonia “Cellphone Opera” the Steve Bull and myself have recently put together to celebrate Leonardo 50th celebrations Like a clown that never stops juggling this “birthday party” entertainment is always on and available. It works on any smart phone for input and if there is web access the user can “play” their own contribution and the previous 11 callers.

So it is not a conventional performance, unless the audio from a cellphone is amplified or a web browser is projected and someone interacts with the “village” of sounds.

May you find a wonderful experience